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Transgender people in US today

Shane Ortega, a US Marine Sergeant, has been involved in military campaigns in Iraq and Afghanistan. Shane looks like an ordinary pumped-up Marine, who is waiting for a girl "in civilian life", but before that Shane himself was a girl. According to Shane, he always wanted to be a man, and a few years ago he began to change his gender, then enlisting in the Marine Corps.

According to independent researchers, several thousand transgender people now serve in the US army, and only since 2016 they have not had to hide the fact of their biography about gender reassignment - until recently, transgender people were officially banned from serving in the army. Shane Ortega and other activists eventually got the ban lifted, and transgender people can now officially serve in the military.

Christine Beck, ex-Special Forces member of the elite SEALs. Christine spent 20 years performing the most difficult tasks behind enemy lines, served in various hot spots, from the Pacific Ocean to the Middle East, and in 2003 participated in a covert operation in Iraq with the elite British special forces SAS. At the same time, Christine admits that since childhood he wanted to be a woman, and after being fired from service, he underwent a sex change operation.

Christine was a little worried that former colleagues would badly accept such a change in his life, but to his surprise, most of his former military comrades reacted calmly to such a change: “I don’t know what you are going through now, but I know what we went through in the service "- said one of the comrades. “You stood on guard for 20 years and did a great job with it. I don't understand your decision, but I support you 100%,” another said. 

Christine Beck has now co-authored The Warrior Princess: The Voyage of the American Navy Seal, in which she talks about her childhood in a religiously conservative family, her attempts to suppress her gender sense, about two failed marriages. According to Christine, she writes a lot. readers, many of whom the book saved lives, as it helped to cope with the misunderstanding and prejudices of society. "The biggest problem is the fear of the unknown. I will not harm or infect anyone. It's just me, "says Christine.

Bodybuilder Tommy Murell. Previously, Tommy was a girl, but decided to change sex, as he felt uncomfortable in a woman's body. Tom is currently finishing third at the recent National Cup competition in Fort Lauderdale, and hopes his rising bodybuilding career will inspire new generations to pursue their dreams. 

Brooke Ginan is a transgender who currently works for the New York City Fire Department. Brooke says that as a child, he had to experience a lot of ridicule from peers for looking effeminate and preferring to play more with girls than with boys. According to Brooke, American society is now more tolerant of transgender people and everyone who is different from the norm. 

Tristan Reese was born a woman, in the process of hormone replacement therapy, he decided to have a child. Nowdays transgender people can be open and create a families. There are transgendered personals online that help any trans person find friends and relationships.